Click Wealth System Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

A while back, Click Wealth hit my radar a while back as yet another affiliate marketing scheme that promises loads of affiliate commission. This one took my interest for a number of reasons, and I have decided to write a review on it. Without much ado, let’s get right into the review!

What is Click Wealth System?

Click Wealth System is all about affiliate marketing system and you are earning passive income online through affiliate commission.

In case you’re a little lost, I’ll quickly tell you what the affiliate marketing industry is about.

This is an online business system that enables you, an affiliate, to generate income bases on the number of visitors or customers you rake in by your own marketing efforts.

The program is cloud software-based, and it breaks down the Customer Middleman Arbitrage System into simple, actionable, and profitable steps. You don’t need to have a marketing degree to participate; all you need is to direct the right amount of traffic to their site to the end that they purchase Clickbank products. The idea is that with every click, you earn money on the products you generate traffic to.

In essence, you are like a middleman that connects people to retailers.

Mind you, what Click Wealth does not promise is instant millions. In fact, the creator insisted that if that ever becomes your reason for joining, then you should discontinue right away. Click Wealth starts at passive income, and after a while, you can grow into making astonishing digits per month. From the website, there have been testimonies of people making as much as $100 in the first week. While that is true, I don’t believe it is for the majority. For it to have been put up on the site, then it has to be one of the standout examples.

Click Wealth System Review – About the Creator, Matthew Tang

Click Wealth was started by Matthew Tang and according to the official website, the program was born out of a will to survive and not sheer luck. Matthew Tang, also known by the name daily profit maker, used to work in a manufacturing firm as a low-waged Accountant, but along the line, they had to let him go. Not because of something he did wrong, but because of some economic crisis. Instead of letting this greatly affect his well-being, Tang turned to the world wide web in search of greener pasture. It wasn’t easy; he fell for a lot of Ponzi schemes, false news, fake affiliate marketers, and he paid lots of dollars to learn lots of stuff, but luckily, he found a system called the Customer Middleman Arbitrade.

Click Wealth System Review – How does it work?

Tang fell in love with this system, and after making his first paycheck online, he decided to share his gold mine with others. Instead of copy-pasting, Tang did better. The website has it that Tang modified that system and produced, from it, and even better means of making income online. This year, he set the goal to ‘lead 100 ordinary Joes to financial freedom.’

Customer Middleman Arbitrade is similar to affiliate marketing in that you also do not need to have a product to sell or have any form of marketer expertise. All you have to do, as a middleman, is the source for customers to get them to the site to make purchases. That is really how the simple Click Wealth System works.

After lots of research and coloration with experts, Tang was able to build Click Wealth System from this Customer Middleman Arbitrage system.

Like similar other platforms, Click wealth System provides you with an already-built website. This website will then have an opt-in page. Here’s how you make your money:

Every time people visit your site or follow your link to your site, they will be shown various ClickBank products and these products will also be later advertised to them by mail.

Why advertise by mail?

People don’t always buy at the spur of the moment; they’d rather contemplate and think it over for a while. This is why persistent email follow-up will go a long way in reminding and subtly compelling your insider list to buy.

How do you go about the email campaigns?

This bit is where Solo Ads comes in. Click Wealth System doesn’t expect you to start gathering scraps and pieces of leads all over the internet. If anything at all, they recommend that you buy these leads. Solo Adverts offers an email address for sale and helps you get your carefully crafted adverts to your prospects.

Click Wealth System Reviews – What’s in the course?

The training program consists of videos and an e-book created by the founder, Mathew Tang. All of these can be accessed and consumed online. All for your ease. These materials will teach you to make money on Click Wealth System. They are divided into guides, a sales video, and a navigation system that guides you throughout the process. Here they are:

  1. Welcome Message/Introduction video
  2. Profit Pages
  3. 5x Profit Page
  4. Click Tracker
  5. Profit Activator
  6. Traffic Source
  7. Click Profit Multiplier
  8. Bonuses
  9. Bills/Billing
  10. FAQs
  11. Contact
  12. Introduction: This is the part where the creator, Tang Matthew, introduced the course in a welcome video.

Remember the pre-built website I told you about in the beginning? Well, this is where you get to pick. You will be given a couple of choices and you’d have to pick one. Also, you will be given an email sequence and influencers list whose job is to help you grow in this market.

  1. Now that Matthew has walked you through the intro to the product, it is time for a more detailed expose of how the program works. This step is broken down into five stages of knowledge which will help you get ahead in the world of affiliate marketing. The information is so rich that it is contained in seven pages. According to him, these are tested methods and there’s a high guarantee that if they have worked for many others, they will work for you too.
  2. The third and maybe the most important stage is where you get to join the family. There is a closed Facebook group for customers and there, you have access to guidance and nuggets from top marketers in the field.

A Facebook group for VIP customers can be joined by users who want to get advice and guidance from seasoned online marketers. By generating traffic for the products/websites that you choose, you earn real money with every click. A number of e-guides provide tips on how to channel free traffic, buy influencer traffic, and even generate traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Click Wealth Upsells

Click Wealth offers three kinds of upsells and as you know, upsells are there to fast track your progress on the platform. Here is a breakdown:

Profit Activator

For this particular Upsell, there are four elements that can be installed on your Click Wealth landing to greatly increase your chances of selling.

  • Scarcity Activator – The top bar that tells users that the offer is only available on that day only.
  • Personalization Activator – Detects user’s location from the IP address and tells them the offer is “exclusive” to their country.
  • Urgency Activator – Countdown timer.
  • Social Proof Activator – It flashes at the bottom of the screen to tell users every few seconds that someone has “just made money”.

According to Tang, these additions can increase your Click Wealth profit by as much as 150%

I haven’t bought this particular package and used it on a CWS squeeze (landing) page, but from my years of experience, I strongly disagree. These features work great on a sales page but not on a squeeze page like the ones you’re provided by CWS. Your page is there for the prospects to opt-in, not to make a purchase at that stage. Unless there’s an interesting video on the page, prospects rarely stay more than a minute (from my experience). So I don’t personally recommend you to buy this particular upsell.

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