Does Videly Really Work? – My Shocking Review

Are you facing a problem ranking your videos even after adding backlinks, creating attractive video content, and embedding keywords? A few months ago, my situation was the same as yours until I met Videly. Now bringing my videos on the first page is no more difficult. If you want to bring your videos on the front page of Google and Youtube or search engines, switching to Videly might be a good option. You can find all the useful elements in this software to rank your videos.

If you are not much familiar with Videly, so this review article is just for you. Here I am going to share a complete review of the Videly with you. In this review, I will cover important details like the features and working of this marketing tool. Moreover, I will also let you know what exactly Videly is. So, without wasting a single second, let’s start exploring what is inside this amazing marketing tool.

What is Videly software?

A complete Videly review: Software features

Before moving towards the working of this internet marketing software, I would like to share the features of Videly. Simply this software will provide you with everything you want to rank your videos on Google and Youtube.

Keyword researcher:

It has a smart keyword research box that could help you to search untapped keywords for good use. If you add the main keyword in the keyword search box, this marketing tool will provide you with a lot of relevant untapped buyer keywords.

Analyze top videos:

You can use Videly to check the SEO score, keywords, and all other details of the top videos, such as video title, on Google and Youtube by using it. If you want to enjoy the niche analysis feature by Videly, you should be going for the pro version.

Availability of other resources to rank the video:

In addition to providing the keywords, this tool also has a huge list of SEO tags, video titles, and video descriptions. If you use these SEO elements, your video might get ranked.

Tracks the video rankings:

One of the best things I noticed about Videly is its video ranking feature. If you would purchase the pro version of it, you could take advantage of this feature to track your video rankings on both Google and Youtube.

Moreover, the Videly rank tracker also provides you with an overview of the daily Youtube video views, likes, comments, daily rankings, and other changes. So, you can track all details of your Youtube videos with a single click!

Provides detailed SEO reports:

You can create SEO video reports with this tool by simply entering the video URL and the keyword. The video reports show the status of the video rankings as well as the recommendations to boost the rankings. You could enjoy this feature if you use the agency version of this software.

How Videly works?

After purchasing any of the Videly packages, you can simply log in through the official website of this tool. You will find different options and buttons after reaching the dashboard.

Step 1:

The first step is to do keyword research. For this purpose, you can use the keyword researcher option. Simply enter the main keyword and select the sources that can help you to find the keywords. This tool will provide you with a complete list of the relevant keywords, most searched keywords, competitors’ top rankings keywords, and much more.

Step 2:

The next step is to make your video details. Well, it is really an easy task. All you need is to select a specific niche and enter the main keyword. After performing this simple task, the program will start displaying relevant keywords.

You have to select the relevant keywords for this marketing tool, so it can generate SEO-optimized descriptions, video titles, and tags. Once you have completed the whole process, now press the generate button. The system will generate all details for your video.

Step 3:

Once you have generated the video details, the last step is to review the generated details. You should recheck the details twice. You can also modify the details by pressing the edit button.

Use the generated details in order to rank videos on Google and Youtube. You can also use the generated details to bring more audience to your ads.

How Videly is different

I have tried many video marketing and SEO tools, but Videly is totally different from them. Firstly, it is a cloud-based tool that can work on a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets.

As it is designed by the most experienced marketers, so you will find all features in this product to enhance your business. Other than ranking your videos on Google and Youtube, you can also bring more traffic to social media ads.

While searching for the untapped keywords on Videly, I noticed that its keyword research feature is more efficient. It generates tons of keywords according to the selected sources and niche before 60 seconds.

Videly is very easy to use as it has readable fonts, simple language, and a simple interface. You don’t need to install any third-party software. Simply visit the official website of Videly, create your account, and start bringing more traffic to your videos. This tool is specially designed for video marketing purposes, but the keywords generated from it can also be used to increase the number of website visitors.

Even Videly also helped me to generate leads and sales. So, if you are a marketer, you might take advantage of Videly for generating leads and sales. After switching to Videly, you would start getting positive results within 30 days.

Videly marketing tool packages:

I have purchased all packages of this tool, so I have full access to Videly. As I mentioned in the previous sections of this review, every Videly package has some different characteristics.

If you are confused regarding the selection of the package, then read this section carefully. It has three different packages. All details about the packages are given below:

Videly standard:

If you just want to generate SEO and research keywords, then Videly standard package might be the best choice for you. It only comes with the keyword finder and SEO generator feature. You have to purchase the standard version before upgrading to the Agency or Pro version.

If you are a beginner, you should use Videly standard. Once you start gaining experience, you might upgrade the Videly package.

Videly pro:

Videly pro includes two powerful features. It is a one-time offer. The first feature is the niche analysis. It helps you to study or research more about your competitor. You will find the option of the “Niche Analysis” on the official website of this software. Using this feature, you can check the competitors ranking keywords, brand new or old video reviews, and many more details.

Moreover, you can also check the competitor’s Facebook likes. One of the best things about the niche analysis feature is that it will help you to learn from the competitor’s mistakes. The second option available in Videly pro is a rank tracker. In this tab, you can track the changes of the Google, Youtube, and Facebook videos in one click. If you work by keeping in view the competitor’s weak points, you might get better results.

Videly agency:

It is clear from the title of the package, Videly agency is specially designed for Youtube SEO experts. This package involves the feature of analyzing videos on Youtube. It is also a one-time offer. You can generate a report by pasting the Youtube video URL and entering the keyword.

Even you could also learn about the Youtube algorithm by using the Videly agency tier. Learning the Youtube algorithm will help you to know which type of videos is recommended to the viewers.

Who should be using the Videly app?

This software is suitable for the one who wants to bring a lot of traffic to the website, videos on Youtube, Facebook ads, and pages. If you are an experienced marketer or just have recently stepped into this field, Videly software might help you to achieve your goals.

There is a lot of competition in the digital market, but you can compete with the big fishes by adopting Videly. I would love to recommend this software to you if you are working in any of the following fields:

  • Digital marketers.
  • Video marketers.
  • Online business owners

Money-back guarantee by Videly:

Going for Videly is not a risk because the company is offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If Videly doesn’t work well for you, you might have a refund within 30 days of purchasing.

Is Videly useful for Facebook video marketing?

Facebook video or ad marketing requires SEO-optimized video description, title, and tags as this tool has robust keyword researcher, so you can use the optimized elements for Facebook marketing. Even you can also bring more traffic to your Facebook ads by using Videly.

Videly is the right way for you if you might be going to start a Facebook marketing business. It could also be a great way to generate leads through Facebook ads if you are a business owner.


On this page, I have shared a complete menu Videly review. Now, it’s no-brainer ranking videos on Youtube, Google, and Facebook. You can also bring more audience to your page, ads, and video using this tool. If you want to become a successful marketer in the digital world full of competition, then going for Videly is a must.

This tool has 100% positive reviews across the internet. All the positive reviews are because of the extraordinary features of this product. You can also enjoy the benefits of Videly bonuses. You would get a 75% discount on the bonus package by entering the promo code “SPECIAL.” So, that’s was my experience with Videly. I hope you have found this review helpful. Stop wasting time writing titles, tags, and descriptions, and let Videly do it for you.

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