Klippyo Review: The Last Video Maker You’ll Ever Need

Klippyo Review: The Last Video Maker You’ll Ever Need

Video content is now dominating social media in a completely different way. And the people who’ve realised this are creating hugely popular channels with more fans and subscribers than seems fair!

But that’s only because people think content creation is easy, and it’s not. Shooting, editing, and publishing fresh content is a complex, time-consuming task. It’s a constant struggle to get noticed.

So the people that put in the effort to get noticed deserve all the fans, all the accolades, and all the sales they get as a result. The problem is video has changed so much that many people are completely failing to get any traction at all.

And it’s not because of a lack of effort, or bad content, or any reason you’d typically think of. You could have the best content in the world, and it’ll still not get seen. And it’s all because of the different WAY video is being used.

The good news is once you know what’s so different, making the change and reaping the rewards is easy. And the really good news is that there’s a new application that’s just launched called Klippyo that lets ANYONE make these changes with next no effort at all.

What is it? How does it work? Let’s check this Klippyo Review out for all information!

What is Klippyo?

Klippyo is a web based video creator that allows users to create high quality, engaging video content in just a few minutes! Users can create videos from their mobile device, and edit, publish & share all from the comfort of their palm…

If you prefer making videos on your laptop/PC, no problem. Klippyo is 100% cloud based, allowing users to create from anywhere. Not only that, but if you don’t want to shoot any video, you have the ability to tap into a massive library of video assets to create your video content with.

Klippyo also features the ability to add intros & outros (straight from Viddyoze), lower thirds & overlays with just a click of a mouse. On top, add emojis, graphics, images & even captions!

Klippyo features truly endless amounts of customization for your video content. This is the future of video creation. Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Klippyo Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is.

Klippyo Review Overview


Vendor Joey Xoto
Product Klippyo
Launch Date 2019-May-28
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $77
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Video Marketing
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Joey Xoto

Klippyo was created by Joey Xoto – an Online Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist. Joey has worked in sales & development for more than 7 years. He now works for himself as a product creator, author and coach in the world of online business and entrepreneurship.

He has been involved with several video campaigns, some of which have gone on to generate hundreds of thousands in profits online for his clients with great products such as Viddyoze, Viddyoze Live Action, Graphitii, Prospectrr, etc. He has generated over $1m in online sales using his marketing & video expertise.

Joey Xoto is a video master. He’s the guy that I turn to when I need to learn and understand video fundamentals. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Klippyo Review and find out its features.

Features of Klippyo

All-In-One, Professional Videos In Minutes!

Tired of spending hours of your time and hard earned cash on editing videos in complex software? With Klippyo, you can shoot, edit and make your videos look stunning in the palm of your hands! And it all happens in minutes, using the powerful, yet simple to use Klippyo app.

Meme Your Video In Just 1 Tap!

Video memes aren’t just the trendy new thing to do… they are proven to increase clicks, conversions and engagement! With Klippyo, you can easily meme’ify your video in seconds!

Add Emojis, Text, Quotes & More In Seconds!

Want to add a little extra zing to your videos? Easily and quickly add emojis, text, drawings or even popular quotes by simply tapping a few buttons. No complex software necessary, everything happens from the palm of your hand.

Add 1 Tap Animated Intros & Outros!

Klippyo allows users to add fully customisable intros & outros to your videos! Want a funky text call out at the beginning of your video? Need to show your social links at the end of your video? No problemo.

Viddyoze Integration

Connect to Klippyo on a web browser & import your videos directly to your Klippyo creations!

Need A Square Or Rectangular Video? You’ve Got It In Seconds.

Vertical & square videos have proven their weight in gold many times over when it comes to click performance & profitability! The problem is, doing this manually is problematic and time consuming. Not anymore. Klippyo taps the problem away with just 1 prod of your finger.

Automatic Captions!

It’s been statistically proven that captioned videos have much higher engagement and retention rates. Thankfully, adding captions with Klippyo is just a case of tapping 1 button, and like magic, Klippyo can add captions to your video in minutes! Alternatively, you can upload your on caption files too.

Shoot, Edit & Tap To Publish!

Finished your video? Good. No need to render extensive video files. Simply hit “Publish” and post your video to any social network you desire… in any resolution or ratio you want!

Don’t Have Your Own Video? No Problem.

Klippyo is fully integrated with Viddyoze Stock, giving users access to thousands of stock video clips to create their videos from! No need to shoot anything! Simply pick a professional video from our massive stock library, customize and make it your own, then publish when you’re done!

100% Cloud Based. Phenomenal Customer Support.

Desktop software tied to your computer? Pfff! Klippyo works on any web browser on any portable device! That means you can shoot videos on the go, edit them, and publish to any social network all within minutes, without the need of expensive desktop software.

Official Website

How does Klippyo work?

In short, using Klippyo is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Log In To Klippyo From Anywhere: Klippyo is 100% web based, which means it can work on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC. You can work from anywhere.
  • Shoot your video: Upload your footage or import a pre-existing video into the Klippyo editor!
  • Make it awesome: The Klippyo editor makes creating the perfect video easy.
  • Make it double awesome: Add professional intros, outros, and interactive captions to your videos to make them first class.
  • Publish your video: Choose your favorite social platform or publish to multiple platforms from right inside the app.

In this section of Klippyo Review, I’m just gonna give you a very brief overview of everything that you see when you first log into Klippyo. When you first log in, you will hit a dashboard just like this.

Klippyo dashboard

You’re gonna see these big five options at the top. This is where we’re gonna start a project. So there is five different ways you can start a project… you can start with stock so you can tap into our stock library, you can upload your own footage, you can import from YouTube, you can import a gif from giphy….

or you can import one of your animations that you’ve created from your Viddyoze account.

5 Klippyo starting options

There is a separate tutorial on starting a project with each of these and that you can watch inside the member area. Whichever you choose it’s gonna take you down that path to creating that first project.

As you start building out projects in Klippyo, all of space below 5 options above that you can see is currently full with different things on my particular account… is gonna start to fill up.

So we’ve got my projects tab where you store keep all of the projects you start. So when you create a project, you can click on customize to reopen that project. It’s gonna reopen the canvas for you and basically take you back to where you last left off essentially.

my projects tab

So every single time you create a brand-new project then you save it, it’s going to appear in your my projects so you can continue to work on some of the videos you’re creating.

My media tab is where all media that you pull into your account is going to sit. So if you upload your own content, if you import for a video from YouTube, if you import a stock footage clip into a project or start any project with any of these things… it’s going to appear right here.

My media tab

Every piece of media you pull into your account is always going to be available in here. And the reason for that is you can start a project from any piece of media you import. Of course you can remove these from here if you want  just by hovering over them and clicking on the delete button.

Now heading over to the your account tab on the right side of the top. This is where you’re going to download your final rendered videos. What’s gonna happen is every time I successfully export and render out the finished video, it’s going to appear under your account.

When you click on the your account tab, it’s gonna automatically show you your work and these are all your final rendered videos. You can download them direct from here, you can also delete your final rendered video.

your account tab

You can update things like your email, your password and that type of thing. We’ve also got the integrations tab here as well. So if you’ve got a videos account, this is where you’re gonna integrate your videos account.

So how to create a video in the details with this software? Let’s find out in the demo video below!

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