With Senuke TNG, there are two options to start your SEO campaign: Turbo Wizard and Wizard. To start using Turbo Wizard, all you need to do is click Turbo Wizard, and enter your site url in the Money Site Detail section; you have to enter at least one url and one url per line. After that, under the Keywords to Rank For section, enter your keyword phrases, and need to be at least one keyword phrase. It is good to put in as many keywords as 6 keywords that you can think of, because this way backlinks will look more natural.

Of course, the second method is manually setup campaign. Some people might prefer this method, because you have more control over content and setting. It depends which template you choose, a big template might take as long as 30 minutes to complete setup or even longer sometime. The steps to manually setup campaign are pretty easy. Also, for each step, there always a section to tell/remind you how you fill out areas. For starter, it might take longer time to familiarize each section, but after using it for few times, you should be able to get it done much quicker.

Additionally, Senuke updates its software almost every week; most of the updates are focus on adding and deleting sites, as well as fixing bugs.

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  • 1 Senuke TNG Comes With Newly Added Features:
  • 3 Crowd Searcher
  • 4 SEO Wizard & Turbo Wizard
  • 5 Turbo Wizard
  • 6 SEnuke TNG Article Manager

Senuke TNG Comes With Newly Added Features:

Crowd Searcher
This feature basically acts as simulator which simulate people searching for a certain keyword and then click on your website. For those who don’t know, CTR is one of ranking factors for ranking a keyword on Google.

Built in Proxies
Proxies are very important when it comes to create backlinks, because they will make creating backlinks more naturally in the eyes of Google. In this version, Senuke has build in proxies, so that you can use them for free. No longer you need to pay for proxies, and most of the proxies are U.S. based.

Blog Network Module
Senuke TNG makes it easy for PBN to integrate with it, so that you can manage your PBN within Senuke.

Built in OCR
The built in OCR in SEnuke TNG can solve 50% of Captcha. Of course, to increase the accuracy, it is still recommended to use other human Captcha solving systems.

Loop Mode
With Senuke TNG, you only need to create a campaign once, and it will build links continuously until you choose to stop.

Super Fast Turbo Wizard
Senuke TNG is design to be used by anyone. Even if you have no knowledge of SEO whatsoever, you are still able to setup a complex SEO campaign with their turbo wizard.



Crowd Searcher

As many of you know, click through rate and engagement rate (bounce rate) are two of the biggest ranking factors from Google. Crowd searcher from Senuke TNG simulate searches for the keyword of your choice and click to your site. Then it will actually stay on your page for however long you set it up for. This will increase your overall engagement rate, click through rate and low bounce rate. All of these will result in boost of your keyword ranking on Google. Everything is service base, so you don’t have to keep Senuke open.

1. Here’s a step by step instruction on how to set everything up to maximize the potential of this feature.

Crowd searcher step 1

2. The process is very easy to setup as the interface is pretty self explanatory. Make sure to make the number of searches per day and speed a big range. Each search then will be random based on the criteria you set.

crowd research step 2

3. Once you hit save, it will sit in the queue and it will start to run.

crowd research step 3

You can’t see how it searches, but it works just like a real person making searches on Google. First it goes to Google, type in the keyword you picked at different speed each time in various different browsers: chrome, firefox, mobile, safari…etc. Then it looks through the results at random time, if it doesn’t find your website on the first page, it will click to the next page and so on until it finds your site. It will then click through your site and land on your site. It will then look through your site at random speed, not too fast. Then it will click through a link to another page. In the end, it will close the browser. It will wait for a certain amount of time, then it will go back and do it again. These are home proxies. 90% of these proxies from America, including Canada and European IP.

SEO Wizard & Turbo Wizard

The SEO wizard let anyone create professional designed SEO campaign in a couple minute. Turbo wizard goes one step further: anybody can create one in about one minute. With the new release, SEnuke has streamlined the entire process, and made it more efficient.

senuke project linking

On the left panel, there are all the SEnuke projects. All you do is drag the projects that you are interested in to the panel and connect them.

The good thing about Senuke TNG is that they come with a quite few of templates that you can use to build your backlinks, such as All for One & One for all, Cabalix TNG, Double Sided Mirror, Have I Got News For you, PDF Backup, Safe 4 Way Attack, Social Wiki Mix, The Full Monty V4, etc. However, The Full Monty V4 template is the most popular and effective template that most people are using and usually takes longer to complete one campaign. Of course, you can try to test out other templates as well. With each update, SEnuke always releases some new templates that you can work with.

One thing that’s new in SEnuke TNG is the Wait project. With the previous version, projects will run continuously with no pause. Now you are able create a pause or wait period between projects, this is more natural. You can pick the number of days you want to pause the project before it starts the next one. This allows for a powerful way of creating strategic campaigns. Even if you have no experience running this, after going through this process, you will end up with a powerful SEO campaign.

senuke SEO campaign

Once you hit create, you can set up your keywords and links. There are options for you to enter primary keyword and secondary keywords. 1 keyword is recommended for the primary. Secondary keywords are generally long tail. You can hit generate from primary keyword button to create a list of Google suggested keywords that includes your primary keyword. Make sure to set the percentage of keywords appearances for both. A good balance would be 60% for primary keyword and 40% for secondary keywords. Next, you can set up primary and secondary URLs.

senuke tng posting setting

On the next stage, you need to set up some common post settings. For most of these, you can hit Generate from Primary Keyword, or Auto-generate. You don’t really need to worry about Title. When selecting categories, type in some related keywords, and auto-select categories.

SEO campaign setting

Once you hit next, you can start importing content that you have previously created.

senuke campaign wizard

You can spin preview to see the article, otherwise, you can hit next to scheduling settings. This is pretty straight forward as well. If you don’t know how long you need to run the campaign for, simply click on suggest. SEnuke will let you know the optimal number of days you can run the campaign for.

senuke scheduling

Once you hit next, you will see that the campaign has been successfully setup in a few seconds. You have created a fully optimized SEO campaign with large number of project types and generate a hundred of backlinks.

Turbo Wizard

You can do the same thing with Turbo Wizard. This is even faster. SEnuke TNG has made a lot of improvement on its Turbo Wizard. You can literally create an entire SEO campaign under 1 minute.

senuke turbo wizard

You can see that about all the settings are on this one panel where you can quickly set everything up. There are some custom settings and the diagram missing, but you can always set all of these beforehand and save them. You go through the same steps and once you are done, hit create campaign! You are done!

SEnuke TNG Article Manager

SEnuke TNG has made some revolutionary changes lately with its new release. One of the biggest changes is the article manager. It made a shift from single campaign to multiple campaigns basis. This means you can run multiple campaigns simultaneity and with greater variations. The standard process is you make a campaign, you would then link article to this campaign, it runs, and lastly it posts multiple articles to different sites. This is it. You can never use the same article again. With the new release from SEnuke, you are able to separate articles from campaign. This means one campaign can be linked to a multiple sets of articles, and one article can also be linked to multiple campaigns. This change allows for a few new tricks.

A quick tour of SEnukeTNG article manager:

senuke article manager

You could choose from different types of article sources:

content source setting

If you are building tier 1 high quality links, I highly recommend to pick one of the paid services as the quality of articles is so much better and will help you further down in the road. Article Builder, The Leading Articles / Ultra Spinnable Articles, Kontent Machine, and Article Forge are great article sources. You are also able to type in your own article or import from a text file. Senuke gives you 50 free spins with its SEnuke spinner. But if you need more, The Best Spinner, Spin rewriter and Word AI are also available.

article spinner

Senuke also provides many ways to insert links and images to the articles.

insert link settingAs you can see from the screenshot on the left, senuke tng provides you with many link insertion options. You can insert number of random links, replace words within the article with links. You could also insert generic sentence at the bottom, with inserted keywords, links, or just naked URLs. Of course, you can also not insert any link. But you don’t want to do that, the whole point of this is to get your links out there in the internet. However, this option is there if you need it.

For tier 1 articles, I highly recommend to insert authority links and at least one image. This just make the articles more authentic and authoritative. For tier 2 and higher, you can definitely skip these two options.

The steps of creating a campaign is pretty straight forward.

1. Click on creating a new campaign and add new content source to that campaign. The campaign name should reflect the quality of the content and backlinks. For example, if you want to build high quality links, the campaign’s likely to require high quality content and good spinner. Avoid using free articles, which are probably from sites like ezinearticles.com.

2. Next, setup author name and bio. You could either let SEnuke generate one or you could type it in and then spin it to create different versions.

3. Insert links: configure it however you like the links to be inserted in the articles. With tier one links, be conservative on links. Keyword and contextual links work the best here. Make sure to check insert authority links to make articles look natural.

4. Insert images: insert 1 – 2 images from some free sites.

5. it save and you are done