Speechelo Review 2021: Is This The Best Text To Speech Software?

This is my honest Speechelo Review. I’ve been getting emails from readers of this blog to check it out and tell my honest opinion. So, to cut the fluff, here’s what I think of Speechelo, text to speech software.

Speechelo Review – Summary

Speechelo is a powerful text-to-speech software created by BlasterSoftware. It is probably the best of its kind, as it is the only text-to-speech software that offers human-sounding voiceovers – most of the time indistinguishable from reality – in 23 languages and in over 60 voice-over variations. It comes in two versions, Speechelo and Speechelo PRO.


  • Name: Speechelo
  • Type: Software
  • Category: AI Text-to-speech
  • Cost: $47 One time fee
  • Official website: speechelo.com


For many video content creators, the idea of using their own voices to speak over the video is an uncomfortable one. Whether it is for an educational presentation, a marketing video, a sales video or just for the pleasure of making content, when it comes time to add commentary or other such voiceover features, insecurities often stop them from adding that crucial layer.

Hiring a voiceover professional is one way to get around this, but often they are quite expensive and take a lot of time to complete the project. An inability to comfortably speak fluent English or not having the proper equipment for recording may also stand in the way.

Speechelo aims to solve these problems by giving content creators another option for voiceovers through an AI system. This Speechelo Review will help you get a better understanding of its functions to determine if it is right for you.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a text-to-speech software that allows content creators to put a voiceover atop their videos without having to enlist the help of another person. It provides a text-to-speech service that uses a computer-generated voice to speak the content without it sounding like an AI. There are more than 60 human-sounding voices to choose from, each one realistic enough that it’s virtually impossible to tell that the voiceover is not a human, but a computer.

Speechelo Benefits

There are a number of features that make Speechelo a popular option for creating voiceovers for videos. Through this product, you can turn any text at all into speech in a natural and smooth way that sounds just like an actual person speaking. Outside of that main functionality, Speechelo comes with a suite of other benefits.

  • VOICEOVERS FROM DIFFERENT GENDERS. With Speechelo, you can choose a voice tone and register that reflects your own gender to give it a more natural sound. In doing so, your viewers who know your gender will simply assume it is your voice.
  • A VARIETY OF VOICES. There are more than 30 human-sounding voices to take advantage of as opposed to some other text-to-speech services that instead of sound robotic and computer-like. With the variety of voices available to you, you can find the one that sounds the most natural when reading your content for the best effect.
  • ADDS INFLECTIONS. One of the defining features of a language is the inflections that are used when speaking. Without them, even natural speech sounds robotic. Speechelo is the only text-to-speech service that provides inflections to ensure its natural sound.
  • AVAILABLE IN 24 LANGUAGES. Many of the most commonly spoken languages are available through Speechelo with 24 to choose from including English.
  • THREE AVAILABLE TONES. The AI will read the text in whatever tone you specify such as a serious tone, a neutral tone, or a happy one.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY VIDEO SOFTWARE. Programs like Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, Audacity, iMovie, and other such services work seamlessly with Speechelo.

How Speechelo Works

Speechelo has a simple design that makes it easy to add in your own audio files of voiceovers generated by the text-to-speech software. It can be done in only a few seconds through a few simple steps. See below to understand how Speechelo text to speech software works.

  • INPUT THE TEXT. To begin, simply input the text into the program that you wish for it to read as a voiceover. There is a text editing option that will allow Speechelo to check the text and then punctuates it properly and automatically. In doing so, it helps to optimize the sound to make it the most natural it can be.
  • CHOOSE THE LANGUAGE AND YOUR PREFERRED VOICE. Pick from the list of 24 languages for the voiceover to take place after previewing how it will sound. To make it even more natural, after you choose the language, you can edit in long pauses and even the sounds of breathing to further its natural sound.
  • CREATE THE VOICEOVER. After you’ve done the above steps, the software will create the voiceover audio track using the settings you have given it. After it is generated, you can play around with the results in order to create a more natural-sounding result. You can change the languages and voiceover with the other.
  • DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO FILE. Once you are satisfied with the result, you can download the file directly and then add it to your marketing program and beyond to be used as you see fit.
Depiction of Speechelo’s process

Speechelo Languages

There are many languages for you to choose from depending on your target audience, each with different options as to the gender or even the age the voice sounds like. The languages and their available genders are vast, some with more than one voice option to give it personality. They are as follows:

  • Arabic, female
  • Australian English, female
  • Australian English, female
  • British English, male
  • British English, female
  • Bulgarian, female
  • Hebrew, male
  • Hungarian, male
  • Indian English, female
  • Icelandic, male
  • Vietnamese, female
  • Polish, female
  • Polish, male
  • Saudi Arabia, female
  • Spanish Mexican, female
  • Spanish Mexican, male
  • Spanish US, female
  • Spanish Albano, male
  • Spanish, male
  • Spanish, female
  • Cantonese, female
  • Croatian, male
  • Czech, male
  • Danish, female
  • Danish, male
  • Dutch, female
  • Indonesian, male
  • Italian, female
  • Italian, male
  • Japanese, female
  • Korean, female
  • Portuguese Brazil, male
  • Portuguese Brazil, female
  • Portuguese, female
  • Portuguese, male
  • Swedish, female
  • Turkish, male
  • Turkish, female
  • US English, female
  • US English, male
  • US English, male child
  • Finnish, female
  • French, female
  • French, male
  • German, female
  • German, male
  • Greek, male
  • Malaysia, male
  • Mandarin, female
  • Mandarin, male
  • Norwegian, male
  • Norwegian, female
  • Romanian, female
  • Russian, female
  • Russian, male
  • Taiwanese, female
  • Tamil, male
  • Telugu, male
  • Thani, female
  • Slovak, female
  • Slovenia, male

Speechelo Pricing

There are different tiers of pricing for you to choose from beginning with the standard. This gives you the basic features this program has to offer, but you can double those features by upgrading to one of the premium packages they have available.

  • Speechelo Price: In order to use Speechelo, you pay a $47 one-time fee.
  • Speechelo PRO Price: In order to use Speechelo PRO, you pay $47 every three months for a total of $100 per quarter, and you can cancel it at any time.
  • Speechelo Tube Price: Speechelo Tube is an addon to the suit that costs $37 with a one-time payment.

Check full features of each Speechelo Version in their official website

Speechelo vs. Speechelo PRO

What is the reason for the price difference in the different packages? There are a few defining features exclusive to both. Let us compare the two.

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